Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a note

This was the biggest group of soldiers to come home that Ive ever seen. Scott says that there were about 350 soldiers to come with this group. Lined up, as you can see, they went from one end of the buil!ding all the way to the other! It was crazy, but awesome!

When we got to our truck, a little girl gave Scott a brownie with a note. She was so cute! Her note said 'Thak You' and there was a drawing inside!


Andrea said...

Rich and I loved the video...priceless. Welcome home, Scott!

GammaHaynes said...

Welcome home and lets hope thats the end of that.Chandler and Kaisa miss you so much. They worry when your in Iraq, more then little kids should have to. I can't wait to see the look and their little faces when they get to see you.